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Team-History of MegaDev



After a while working with Memory-Tools CCJ39 and RJ20 met each other in a guestbook of a cheat-site. Both decided to share their knowledge and work together to improve themselves in this area and also to create gametrainers. After a while the first prototype, based on VB6, was created. But they realized that VB6 was not the right programming language for this kind of tool. During this time the basement for the MTXL was created. We wanted to put all small gametrainers into one program instead of having a lot of single programs. After the change to VC++ by CCJ39 the first tests started. The programming part of the MTXL was done by RJ20, who formed the MTXL to what it is now. During this time period CCJ39 integrated more and more games into the MTXL. After doing this and testing of these games the first (open) version of the MTXL was born.


Shortly after releasing the second version of the MTXL, RJ20 had to take a break because of personal reasons. This lead to the fact that CCJ39 had to advance the trainer on his own. Some further updates followed. The new versions of the MTXL were mostly spread through the DirtyLittleHelper ( to make the MTXL well known.


To make the MTXL known outside of the German borders, CCJ39 introduced a multi language interface. The MTXL supports from now on German, English and French. The French translation was done by AK47, who unfortunately could not finish the Dutch translation because he had no more time for translations. By the time it had become harder and harder for CCJ39 to come up with time to develop the MTXL someone named SneaKingRustler showed up and wanted to join the team. After some hours of learning by CCJ39 from SneaKingRustler in the area of addressing, the basic idea of the MTXL was brought to another level. Now the aim was to provide not just the small trainer to the world, but also to create a program which is unique and would also make its name in the world of cheats/trainer. For this reason CRS-MegaDev was founded by the two active members and the unfortunately still inactive member RJ20. The goal of the CRS-MegaDev was to make the MTXL to what he has become 2-3 years later. To raise the number of supported games in the MTXL we started to make plans for teaching more members. Driven by the foundation of CRS-MegaDev and the good cooperation a lot of large updates have been produced. Since the MTXL had to be copied into the game folder to start the game with the start button, CCJ39 introduced a reading method of the registry, which searched for the installation folder on its own. With this the MTXL was able to get a setup which got the interface language from the game installation language. The first student in the area of addressing was Buschi, in the beginning he made good progress.


The start in the new year was stamped with little time by everyone for the project, but every free minute was used for the project. First of all the time was used for further trainings, because in the new kind of games we had to find new ways to cheat. After this was done, such "problem games" found their way into the MTXL, was the Homepage and the Board extended for trainer-requests of certain games. Unfortunately the contact to SneaKingRustler broke up suddenly in the second half of the year and also the co-operation with our first student was not that productive anymore. Even though HeadHunter was introduced as a new student, the year ended with bad news just before Christmas the partner of SneaKingRustler notified us about the demise of SneaKingRustler.


Shocked and dumpished started the two-man-team in the new year, this time consisting of CCJ39 and a student. In opposition to previous students he was very productive for this project, what could be seen in the numerous trainerentrys. In addition to that we started a co-operation with the gERMANgAMEhACKINGzONE (gghz), which should be done by a banner exchange and an exchange of knowledge. After a lack of activity Buschi was kicked out of the group and a new student called sCythe was introduced to the team. Unfortunately the contact to him and HeadHunter did break up after a short while, with the result that they were kicked out of the team. It was not a long time as an one-man-team, cause DRAGoN.X joined the team, DRAGoN.X had a good basic knowledge and did a good work on the trainer from the beginning on. With this motivation the team started to move and lead to the admission of new students in a big way. The biggest number of members were reached with 3 new students called Ecco, TheFireBird and M@tr!x. Unfortunately did the contact to DRAGoN.X and TheFireBird break up. Neither DRAGoN.X or TheFireBird could be reached and after a while of inactivity both were kicked out. The remaining 3 members were still in the learning process and improved their knowledge in every free second they had.


For the first time we came up with the idea to send games to team members to create the trainer and then send it back. So we were finally able to create a trainerentry for Spellforce Platinum Edition. We lost with Ecco another member because of inactivity during this time. Since M@tr!x was not creating new trainerentry's he was kicked out of the team too. There had been a lot of people, beside those who had been called by name, who were undergoing the first internal tutorial and then suddenly disappear. So the team was now shrinking again to one single member called CCJ39. Since the bad experience with the trainees CCJ39 decided to stop the training of newbies. Instead of this CCJ39 just wanted to train experienced members. Since RJ20/FreewareFire, still semi active, was working on the new version of the MTXL ( codename: MTXL V2.x, later MTXE), we collected ideas for the future of CRS-MegaDev. After the first alpha version of the MTXE, a new member call Dexus joined the team. Despite the reason that he was not so experienced in the trainerbusiness he was very experienced in the Web/Homepage-area and had good ideas which he could realize. With CCJ39 and his homepage the online presence was completely covered, the team, consisting of CCJ39, Dexus and the again active FreewareFire, started to think what they could do in the future. During this thoughts, CCJ39 and LittleMuck aka Muck83 (who was no member of the team at this time) had the idea to create a game. After a while the game was structured and we started to program. Since this game has nothing to do with the MTXL it had to be released under a new name. At the end of the year a new group name was created. CRS-MegaDev has become MegaDev.


The affinity to the old name has been chosen on purpose: to underline that this is still the same group. In addition to that the team had the idea to make shortcuts for several subsections of MegaDev named "MD-Trainers" for MTXL and MTXE, "MD-Games" for the planed game "Mega Planostar" und "MD-Tools" for useful small programs. The structure for the website was found very fast. There should be a web presence "MegaDev" with all sections combined. Also every subsection should have his own web presence connected with the MegaDev web presence. The CCJ39 homepage should still combine all sections, but should take more a role as a Developer-Private-Page with several extra informations. But the mass should use the MegaDev web presence.

Since the first try to create a new website was a failure, CCJ39 and his board- mod mextase started a new try at the end of the year.


Just before the turn of the year first hints for the new website were spread. By the middle of January the new website, with a new board was lunched. The users had a lot of approval for this new page.

Over the next months we've extended more and more parts of the website. The team gained new members with whose assistance projects like the Flashgames-section were realised, while the MegaTrainer eXperience (MT-X) were created in background. After a lot of weeks the new MegaTrainer has been finished and released in a first releasable version with some games included. The skin of the trainer was designed by our member Ele as well as the skin of the forum. Unfortunately the team play with him has ended near midyear due some reasons of time. The motivation of the rest of the team wasn’t decreased but increased by this happening and so each member spends every free minute for new contents for the website.
In the second half of the year we were able again to find dependable users for MegaDev within the ClosedBeta-members (this time for the FIFA Manager 09), to safe the quality of our MegaTrainers as well as the contents of the site. With Madu we’ve won over a very good tester who also service some parts of the website, while HWFlo as very good tester with programming-knowledge was able to support us as developer.

With the release of the game Sacred 2 it was time to create a new gametool, the MD-SavegameManager (MD-SGM), which allows fans to get all setitems of Sacred 2 in an easy way. Especially for this we’ve build a team of collectors which still withstand in a smaller group a year later to collect items for the addon Ice & Blood.

All in all this year was one of the most eventful years in the history of MegaDev. There were a lot of changes, enhancements and more teammembers than ever before. Also ideas for future were more and more with every day.


The new year has started like the old one has ended. With a good well-staffed team we’ve developed assiduous on the website while we tried to expand more and more with keeping the known quality. Unfortunately again some teammembers (mextase and muck) needed to leave the team for some personal reasons for unknown time and also some guestmembers left the team. The remaining team of 5 active members was still big enough to work on with smaller expansion. As CCJ39 needed to pause for some months because of job-related reasons in spring, which was accompanied by a missing internet-connection, the upturn failed completely and the development of the website and trainer was nearby stagnating. To the middle of the year CCJ39 and his wife JJ39 were able to join the regular work of the team and to expedite the development. Because of not continuing the work on the website and only little development tie for the trainer and tools until that there has been a lot of work to do. Thanks to our member HWFlo we had an other highly competitive developer at our side who primary took care after the website and the tools what produce very good results. Now Michel should work as main trainer maker which unfortunately had to be dropped because of private reasons. So the trainer team had to be newly structured and the members Madu and HWFlo were trained. In september it was at last time that the new trainer concept yielded its first fruits and thus in this month the first big trainer update for a long time was originated by 4 team members.

With the help of our member HWFlo it was now steadily progressing well at the site and so in October, two new areas are finished. One was the well-known photo-gallery, which was missing since the relaunch and came back bigger and better. The second area was the cheat-chart on the website, so that the old pdf-manuals have been superfluous for the games and so you could see all the cheats online at any time, which also makes the care and maintenance easier, because more people were able to simultaneously create the index. In the remaining weeks of the year each area have been optimized and further expanded gradually.


The new year started with the introduction of a new system to control the hidden codes in FIFA Manager, the MegaDev-PointSystem. The purpose of the innovation was to differentiate the support from beta testers, etc. better and no longer give all testers directly all HiddenCheats. Now each get, in relation of his work, an equivalent amount of HCs automatically unlocked and therefore also the manual pdf file was abolished.

Additionally should inactive users now be motivated to be more actively on the website and so get more activity on the site. For this reason, different actions have been rewarded with points for the MDP-system. To prevent Spam-/Cheating-attemps, the system was adjusted to a semi-automatic update, so that all users were updated automatically, after an admin gives the command. The points were and are therefore not updated in real time, but around one time in a week.

After the new cheat overviews had proved for some time, it was in the end of February finally, that the lists on request also could directly create a PDF file on the site, which makes the very long list for the FIFA Manager now available in an printable file. The next important project was to get our Civilization mods online again, which were since over 2 years not online and was partially extended with unreleased mods for Civ4. After a few weeks of development we could provide this area online in March, so now all the major areas of MegaDev finally were online again.

In the following months, we dealt primarily with the production of the gametrainers tools and what not to last an internal tools for processes involved in the team. Also was the concept for a new generation of megatrainer set up and promoted parallel with other projects.

In the summer we expanded our games module once again, what found no author for the maintenance for a long time, in order to make it more maintainable by all users. As an incentive, there was an additional area to collect MDP-points, such contents are more value than easy ratings. From summer toward autumn it went merrily on with the creation of new trainers and of single tools, which we used the beta portal now also available for other games than the FIFA Manager successfully. In parallel, the website was extensively updated, which included a new homepage design including "Do you know yet?" Blocks for the users and other changes in the background in order to place better in searchengines.
In September up to the End of November started a trainer-marathon, where we supplied a number of current games in the shortest possible time in the trainer and also integrated the patches to the games more directly in the trainer. The December was quiet and we could focused on the FIFA Manager. So we could all known and some new cheats for the FIFA Manager bring until Christmas into the trainers, which on this scale has so far unique in the history of the Megatrainer. After the completion of the trainers we could finally work on the FM11-Additions, so this could go online early in the new year.


After the website was now grown over three years and all necessary to implement features was done, we could now focus on something different which was important , our MegaTrainer. Now we started to reinforce with the conception and development of the next generation of mega trainer, the course should first and foremost make the things better, which where in the MegaTrainer eXperience in practice less than ideal. The second focus on the new mega trainer concerned then on our dev-tools, to enable a faster and more efficiently create of new trainer entries. After the first prototype finally got up and walked to the fine-tuning we get ideas and wishes for the new trainer, which were with the existing website not feasible. Because of the website now already being in the 4th Year and at least visually was not exactly on the cutting edge of technology, we decided against the further development of the trainer and rather full draw on a relaunch of the website, so that the website will be on a modern state and also will be fitted for the feature ideas of the new megatrainer.

So finally preparations for the new website started. Many CMS and forums were selected as potential base systems, as we finally decided to buy only a very good forum software and waive completly on CMS. Accordingly, we had to begin with the concept of our own MegaDev CMS. But just as the development should start, we had to postpone the project for personal / professional reasons indefinitely and concentrate initially but only on the normal operation of the existing platform.

To improve the support of the existing site and to strengthen the team, we incorporated with helios2009, Horst2010, Neophyte82 and Bjarnator four new team members as forum moderators, of which two primary should deal with the German and two deal with the English part of the forum. Soon it became clear that the choice of these four was a stroke of luck and we rarely in the past could not afford a similar rapid and good support forum. The team was thus not only risen to eight active members again, but placed overall very harmonious and good quality.


Since last year we had to postpone the planned relaunch of the website he should be made up this year after all. Consequently, we focused closely on these as soon as it the employment situation allowed. Thanks to our moderatorteam the developers could fully concentrate on the relaunch and the normal trainer, which also took this quickly take shape. Parallel we could win in gasper another trainer-maker for our team, who we knew as a long-time companion and beta-tester of the page already and finally were able to welcome him at the team. The first results in the form of trainer-entries were not long in coming, so that we could include additional games for you in the Megatrainer.

In the second half-year it was then finally - the new website was completed and could, in the fifth year after the last re-launch, with a new system and a modern look go online.
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