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MegaTrainer for Might & Magic Heroes 6 V1.8.0 and Port Royale V1.3.0 finally public

A few days ago we already released a new version of our MegaTrainer for Might and Magic Heroes 6 V1.8.0 and Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants V1.3.0.28182 to our tester and goldmember. Now this version has been released public and get be downloaded by everyone. Have fun!

In addition we released the next BetaTrainer today. Included are this time trainer-entries for Torchlight 2 V1.16.5.3 as well as Orcs Must Die 2 V1.0.0.336.

For all fans of the FIFA Manager 13 we created a topic in our forum where we give all development news, so you get nice information already before the trainer is available. Probably we'll release the first FM13-Betatrainer tomorrow.
Btw: This year we don't plan any kind of betatest application due to the result of the last years with only a few people reporting from a lot of betatesters. We'll select some users based on their tests in the last years and invite them ourself to the new betatest. So the trainer will be only available for invited testers and goldmembers this year until we release it public.
Published on 2012-10-25

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