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MegaTrainer for Borderlands 2 V1.0.25.34039

3 days ago we released the last version of our pre-release MegaTrainer. This is long enough to release some new cheats and trainers for our goldmembers.

As first game we decided to make a trainer with 18 cheats for Borderlands 2 for the current version Due to the fact some of the cheats are HiddenCheats resp. BonusCheats, not all hotkeys are shown within the PreRelease-MegaTrainer, so you can either use only the visible ones up to the public release or write an PM to CCJ39 and ask for the right hotkeys for these cheats. To make it more comfortable and directly usable from the website, we're working on a solution for this with the pre-releases and hope to finish it very soon.

For the next pre-release trainers we now plan the FM13 player contract cheats and a trainer for Hitman: Absolution.
Published on 2012-11-27

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