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Further F1 2012 and FIFA Manager 13 cheats

For all fans of F1 2012 we released today some new cheats for the number of laps in a race within our BetaTrainer download. The new cheats are only available for goldmembers this way at the moment, but in a few days they will be available for morepremium-members with another general trainer release.

Also for the FIFA Manager 13 we created some new cheats and released them with our BetaTrainer. One is the probably fixed player injury cheat and the others are for the player character. This year you don't have to select a complete character combination but can enable and disable every single character attribute which makes it much easier and more comfortable to use. For today you can already set the first 32 of 39 attributes, but the others will follow with the next beta.

Generally we added a goldmembership grafic/hint to all cheats for the trainer/cheatoverview which are only part of the betatrainer. This way it should be much easier to identify which cheats are included in the normal trainer release and which are only within the betatrainer.
Published on 2012-11-20

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