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Latest Trainer-Releases

SpellForce 3 Cover

SpellForce 3

Trainer of 2017-12-15
SpellForce 3 Cover

SpellForce 3

Trainer of 2017-12-15
Railway Empire Cover

Railway Empire

Trainer of 2017-12-15
Blood & Gold - Caribbean! Cover

Blood & Gold - Caribbean!

Trainer of 2017-12-15
theHunter - Call of the Wild Cover

theHunter - Call of the Wild

Trainer of 2017-12-15
ARK - Survival Evolved Cover

ARK - Survival Evolved

Trainer of 2017-12-15
Hand of Fate 2 Cover

Hand of Fate 2

Trainer of 2017-12-15
Chaos Souls Cover

Chaos Souls

Trainer of 2017-12-15
Rise of the Tomb Raider Cover

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Trainer of 2017-12-15

Upcoming Releases

Sky Force Reloaded Cover

Sky Force Reloaded

Beta-Trainer already in MT-U
Trainer-release 2017-12-19
They are Billions Cover

They are Billions

Beta-Trainer already in MT-U
Trainer-release 2017-12-21
Tiny Metal Cover

Tiny Metal

Trainer-release probably
Legends of Dawn Cover

Legends of Dawn

Trainer-release probably
Dead Cells Cover

Dead Cells

Trainer-release probably

MegaDev explains

MegaDev explains

What is MegaDev?

MegaDev is the software developer behind the “MegaTrainer” – a trainer software that allows you to apply cheats in pc-games to move on further in your game or beat “insuperable” game situations. MegaDev is for those gamers, that have fun playing, but just don’t have the time or skills (yet) to really dive into the game. Before frustration strikes then just use one of our cheats in the MegaTrainer!

MegaDev - What is MegaDev?
MegaDev - What exactly does MegaDev do?

What exactly does MegaDev do?

MegaDev is a software developer. We developed the MegaTrainer (“MTXL”, “MT-X” and it‘s newest generation „MT-U“) that allows us to implement our own, “handcoded” cheats into your favorite game – basically we are hacking your game in your favor.

Therefore our cheats are specially made for you in contrast to the cheats published by the game developer and that you can find on 1000+ websites on the Internet. All our cheats get tested thoroughly to guarantee you the best entertainment out there.

What games does the MegaTrainer work with?

Basically for all pc-games that you can find in our games portal. However we established 3 important rules to guarantee fairness and quality within the gaming scene:

  • We don’t cheat mulitplayer games or –modi, just singleplayer!
  • We don’t cheat cracked games nor cracked addons, just original releases!
  • We don’t cheat games that run on online servers, just the ones run locally on your pc system!
MegaDev - What games does the MegaTrainer work with?
MegaDev - Why do I have to pay for MegaDev?

Why do I have to pay for MegaDev?

As written before we don’t just distribute widely known cheat lists but take our time to individually cheat every game we offer cheats for with “handbuilt” cheats programmed specifically to work in our MegaTrainer - and that we do 5 days a week! But that’s not yet all of it – eventually every cheat gets tested thoroughly so your game won’t just crash while you play or so that the cheat still works perfectly in the next level, etc. And of course that’s what we do with every single game and every single patch!

Additionally to all that work we put into MegaDev for your perfect gaming experience we have to pay server costs, purchase each game, pay the rent and much more on top. You see, we simply love our jobs, but you surely understand now, that we can only continue, if the gaming community keeps supporting us, right? ;)

How does the MegaTrainer work?

MegaDev’s MegaTrainer is a software which upon start features shortcuts to all your games, that we’ve cheated already. Once the trainer is running, you simply chose your game and version, starting it automatically, while our MegaTrainer is running unnoticed in the background. If you now press one of the key combinations that we defined for our cheats, the trainer automatically alters the corresponding values in your RAM thus activating the desired cheat (i.e. it sets your ammunition from 5 to 999 rounds or fills up your life energy back to 100%). You just keep on playing and beat even you fiercest enemy with ease.

Here’s how to do it step by step one more time:

  1. Start the MegaTrainer after you installed it by double-clicking on the shortcut icon on your desktop.
  2. Chose the game and version you want to play.
  3. Click the Start button in the MegaTrainer.
  4. Play the game and simply apply our cheats by pressing the cheat key combination that we published within the MT-U and also on our website and that you can download as PDF.
MegaDev - How does the MegaTrainer work?
MegaDev - How do I get the MegaTrainer and the cheats?

How do I get the MegaTrainer and the cheats?

The trainer itself is free of charge – you can download it on any of our game sites or here. The cheats, or rather the key combinations to apply them, though, you can only see within the MT-U or online - to activate them you need a valid, corresponding membership, first. For this we provide you with 4 options:

  • As an unregistered Member or “simple” registered Member you have access to a small number of cheats via our “Public Trainer”.
  • As a Bronze-Member you not only get access to all the Public Trainer cheats but also to all bonus cheats of level 1 (“Bronze-Cheats”).
  • Silver-Members additionally get all bonus cheats level 2 (“Silver-Cheats”) to the Bronze-Cheats.
  • Gold-Members get all of the cheats mentioned before, of course, but as a premium user you get them already during our test cycle as Beta Versions, thus not having to to wait for official release – sure enough this applies to all regular game patches and updates the game developers publish as well!

Here you can find a detailed overview of all pros, cons and costs of our Memberships.

I want to become a Member! What now?

Thank you for choosing MegaDev for your gaming experience, first of all! Below we have put together a step-by-step walkthrough how to become a member and start playing:

  1. Download the MegaTrainer and install it on your PC. This step is free of charge. If the trainer is not available yet, you have to log in or register first (either way this is required for the next step).
  2. Log in on If you are not registered yet, please do so now. Once you are logged in you can already post in our forum in case of any questions. Also you already have access to the Public-Trainer cheats on the game sites.
  3. If you want to use more cheats than those in the Public-Trainer, you need to choose one of our Premium-Memberships (Gold, Silver, Bronze). You can find an overview with all infos and costs here.
  4. Now choose the Memberships that suits you the most in the footer of the overview. (For all games that still get regular Patches from the developers, the “Gold” Membership pays off the most.)
  5. Read and accept our terms and conditions.
  6. Choose your payment method. If you chose PayPal or PaySafeCard and eventually clicked the „Buy now“ Button you will be forwarded to the payment system’s website for confirmation – just as usual. Once you confirmed your payment and data, you will be forwarded back to MegaDev.

    If you want to pay per Bank-Transfer, you will be shown all necessary data to manage the transfer after hitting the „Buy now“ Button. CAUTION: The transfer subject consists of a code that is generated individually, thus it is important to quote it exactly as shown. Furthermore it is valid for 30 days only, after that you will have to restart at step 1 above.

  7. If your payment via Paypal or PaySafeCard was successful you will be forwarded onto MegaDev’s automatically generated activation-site with our confirmation of your membership. Simultaneously you will receive an email with your invoice. Now you have immediate access to the Member-Options and Cheats you opted for.

    If you have paid via Bank-Transfer we will activate your Member-Account the day, the incoming payment is confirmed. You will then be informed via E-Mail including the invoice immediately and granted access to your Member-Benefits.

MegaDev - I want to become a Member! What now?
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