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The world's largest all-in-one, plug'n'play Trainer Solution

Thousands of Games, thousands of Cheats & Codes - ONE Software: Our MT-U!

  • 1.260 Games
  • 6.217 Free Cheats
  • Overall 14.956 Cheats
  • Auto-Update Function for Patches and Updates
  • Set individual Game-Favorites
  • Light / Dark Design
  • Super-Easy Handling

MT-U Setup

  • Version: (Release 2016-12-14, 9:03pm)
  • Filesize: 9.79 MB
  • Compatibility: Win7 and up
MT-U preview


In 2016 we were finally able to publish the 3rd generation of our MegaTrainer. Next to the support of 64 bit games and a modern autoupdate feature, the acoustic and visual feedback concerning active or non-active cheats as well as the direct user login were main emphases in the development of the MT-U. Compared to the MT-X the new MegaTrainer has been hugely upgraded visually with the choice of two modern design schemes (light and dark) and better readability of the cheats. Also the MT-X's well known DEP-problem now was but a thing of the past, at last it has even been solved in parts within the MegaTrainer eXperience, eventually. Cheats in the MT-U have been developed and tested mainly under Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and partially also under Windows 7 so that the Trainer will perform perfectly with these operating systems, at least.

If you are looking for a trainer for games that have been released in late 2015 or later, your chances are best you will find them in the MegaTrainer Ultimate. Also some older games, especially if they have been patched in 2016 at any time, will be enclosed.

MegaTrainer eXperience (MT-X)

MT-X preview With the MegaTrainer eXperience, 2007 we launched the second generation of our MegaTrainer which included various technical refinements to the trainer and the structure of the cheats. The first games were cheated and tested with Windows XP and Vista. Over the years it changed, so that it was later only for Vista and Windows 7 and even later only for Windows 7 and 8 was developed. Generally it is very important that you run the MT-X on these operating-systems always as administrator by right mouse-click and in most cases deactivating the DEP (Data Execution Prevention) completely. Even we no longer support XP officially, shows the feedback of our users that all trainers and cheats in MegaTrainer eXperience still work with all the games on XP.

If you want to cheat a game that was released in 2007-2015 you have a very good chance that you'll have the right trainer with great cheats in the MT-X for this game up to the latest version of the game.

Free Trainer Free Download

Last update:2016-01-28, 12:35pm
Filesize:110.86 MB
Membership:any membership

MegaTrainer XL (MTXL)

MTXL preview The MegaTrainer XL we used in the years 2001 to 2007 as a trainer-program in which we've inserted all cheats that we've created. Each trainer-entry in MegaTrainer has been successful created, improved and tested under Windows 98, ME, XP and Vista. But even after we had stopped developing the MTXL in favor of the MT-X we were able to use the trainer successfully on Windows 7 and 8. It is only important to attend aspects such as DEP and admin-rights since Windows Vista.

If you are looking for cheats or a trainer for a game that was published between 2000 and 2007 you'll probably find the MegaTrainer XL providing it if we have created a trainer for this game.

Free Trainer Free Download

Last update:2013-11-19, 12:39pm
Filesize:2.48 MB
Membership:not required

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