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Oriental Empires

Release year: 2016
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Oriental Empires: Rule over ancient China!

Oriental Empires is a turn-based strategy game set in ancient China and released in 2016 by Iceberg Interactive. Transform your city or tribe from a small force into a gigantic empire, ruling over all of China. With the help of our 2016 released MegaTrainer your empire will become a force to be reckoned with!

Game Profile

  • Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
  • Developer: Shining Pixel Studios
  • Release year: 2016
  • Platforms: PC
  • Tags: Strategy, Simulation
  • Game modes: SinglePlayer


The strategy-game Oriental Empires follows a time span from roughly 1500 BC to 1500 AD, all the way from the earliest recorded history until the widespread adaption of firearms. The goal in the game Oriental Empires is to turn your tribe into a great empire! Create great cities, develop and farm the land and fight all-out war! Advancements in culture, religion and technology will let you become one of mankind's greatest civilizations. Besides fighting on a realistic period map of China, the civilization-building-game Oriental Empires also includes skirmishes on user generated or random maps. Your faith to become ruler of the world lays in your own hands!


The game Oriental Empires brings to life the unique landscape from all of China, including mountains, forests, plains and desert. You can choose between 16 different factions, persuade other factions to recognize you as a main player through military force or diplomatic negotiations. Oriental Empires’ gameplay mechanics focus on a turn-based style. Once you have ended your turn, you watch as your army obeys your commands and, hopefully, destroys the enemy. The game does not only focus on military action and warfare. Building your city and developing surrounding lands is also very important. After you have successfully built market places, you can establish a trade system by land or water. The strategy-game features fully animated 3D models on a beautiful rendered map, you can seamlessly zoom in and out. Zoom out for a strategic over-view to better order and move your troops and zoom in during fighting to become immersed in the gaming world of Oriental Empires. Other factors like civil unrest and rebellion, authority and culture ratings, other leaders and sieges, they all will try to question and destroy your dominance. Once you have established yourself as an emperor in Oriental Empires, you will usher in a new era with new military units, advancements, research in technology and a balance of power between laws and decrees. It is up to you to universally be recognized as the one and only Son of Heaven!


Thanks to our exclusive and amazing 2016 released MegaTrainer you can activate cheats in Oriental Empires to faster become the greatest empire the orient has ever seen. With our Oriental Empires Cheats you can add money to your inventory with a value of up 10.000 every time you open a new city. The Oriental Empires Trainer also gives you the ability to activate cheats for infinite food and to max out your population in every open city. None of your enemies will be able to defeat you, once you activated our awesome cheats!


  • Choose between 16 different factions all with their own abilities
  • Seamlessly zoom in and out of the gaming world
  • Hundreds of soldiers battling at the same time
  • Fully animated 3D Models
  • Beautiful rendered map
  • Unique Steam Achievements
  • Turn based gameplay


The game Oriental Empires was released as a Steam Early Access Version. The Early Access release is missing the multiplayer part of the game, but it gives users the ability to play the game up to two months earlier than the targeted release date. A nice show of appreciation to the gamers from the developer Iceberg Interactive.

Trainer Cheats


Special hints for the Oriental Empires cheats

  • This Oriental Empires MegaTrainer has been created for you by: hhhuut

New game-version?

There are no new versions reported at the moment

Cheatkeys Cheatname + Details
Alt + F1
Free Cheat Infinite flocks (open city)
This cheats gives you unlimited flocks!
Bronze Membership
Bronze Cheat +10,000 Money (every time you open a city)
Each time you activate this cheat, your money will be increased by the listed amount.
Silver Membership
Silver Cheat Infinite food (open city)
Hereby you can freeze your energy or food always to maximum.
Silver Membership
Silver Cheat Maximum population (open city)
Freezes the value of your population!

Common MegaTrainer hints

  • This Oriental Empires trainer was created with and for the SinglePlayer of the German/European original version.
  • Which Oriental Empires cheats are available for which gameversion, is shown in the details of each cheat. Sometimes are not all cheats available for all game-versions!
  • So called Premium-Cheats (marked with a hint that you need a special membership instead of the key combination) are only available if you own the necessary membership for these cheats.
  • If the cheats of our Oriental Empires trainer won't work for you in SinglePlayer, please visit our FAQs or use our support-forum.
  • The supported Oriental Empires versions are assigned to the matching downloads. For some a premium-membership is necessary.


This Trainer-Download is currently available for gold-members only! Please login or buy a gold-membership to get access to this trainer-download.
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