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Which membership is the best for me?
To give everyone a matching membership for his needs, we offer 3 different memberships.

1. The Bronze-Membership
If you're primary a casual gamer and mostly play older games which will not be patched frequently, you get with this membership for little money several additional cheats for many games. But if the games get patched, you've to wait a few days and play other games at this time.
Conclusion: For games with small budget, who like to get some more cheats for older games and can wait in case of new patches.

2. The Silver-Membership
In case you like to use to all our offered cheats and mostly play not the latest games (means 3-6 months and older games), you get with this membership access to all our cheats for a small price. If a game get a new patch, you've to be patient, before you get access to the updated trainer and have to play other games until the new trainer is available for you.
Conclusion: For games with middle budget, who like to play not only the latest games and can switch to other games for a few days if a game was updated.

3. The Gold-Membership
This membership is the all-round carefree package. You'll get for a fair price access to all our cheats and if a game gets an update, you can access our updated trainer directly after release. So also for the latest games with frequently patches you can mostly play with updated trainer on the same day or one day after the game-patch has been released.
Conclusion: For games with middle to high budget, who like to play also the latest games with all cheats and don't like to wait in case of game-patches.
What can I do if I have forgotten my password and / or username?
If you forgot your password, you can use our forgotten password feature and let you send by using your user name or for the registration used e-mail address a new password.

If you have forgotten your username, you can use the same forgotten password feature to send you an email with a new password, and your user name in the salutation, if you know with which e-mail address you had registered.
Somehow I have problems with the operation of the forum. Is there a help or clarification of the survey?
For the use of the forum, there is a detailed help page, where all your questions should be answered.
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