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Why are the FM Additions not listed as mods on the respective FIFA Manager?
The FM-Additions for the FIFA Manager are not just a mod for the game, but much more a management tool with which you can modify aspects of the game live or install additional content. For this reason we introduce the FM-Additions as a game tool and not just as a mod for the FMs.
What is MegaChecksum and how do I use it?
Our calculation tool MegaChecksum can create so-called MD5 checksums of files. These checksums are essentially unique and can be used to identify files.

The primary purpose of this tool is that you can quickly and easily verify whether files are in the state, as one would expect. It starts with simple downloads from the internet, where you sometimes see MD5 checksums also specified by the manufacturer to verify after download, the file is received in full, correct and unchanged and goes through to the testing of game versions of our game trainers.

Especially in our MegaTrainer eXperience (MT-X) we have integrated numerous checksums match versions in a list of the tools MegaChecksum, so you can quickly see if your own version of the game is compatible with the trainer, and if so, which version your are in the trainer need.

Just add the exe file of the game via the buttons in the list and then click on "Calculate". Now you can, depending on what MegaTrainer the game is represented, either MTXL or MT-X click Compare and scroll down to the appropriate game there. If the version is suitable, a corresponding mark called "match" next to the entry. If no entry is appropriate, your version is not supported either by us or was not accepted to MegaChecksum.
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