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The trainer does not work for my game. What can I do?
There are a number of possible causes. Here we list the most common causes, so you can quickly check if it is one of these. If you have followed all of these points and the trainer still does not work in SinglePlayer, we are happy to help you with individual support in our forums.

1st Admin rights
The trainer should be run with admin rights. To do so, right click on the link or exe file of the trainer with the mouse button and select "Run as administrator".

2nd Start-button
To use the cheats in game you have to select the game and game version in the MegaTrainer. Once selected, click on the start button, the game should start automatically. In some cases, the game cannot be started by the trainer; it has to be started like you normally do. Note: Pressing the start button on the trainer is absolutely necessary to active the cheats!

3rd Game Version / Game Editions
Because the trainer modifies the memory of the game, it is important that the version of the game is the same as the one selected on the trainer. To find out the version of your game, you should look in the main menu of the game, or right click on the exe file of the game and select check properties.

In addition to the version number, there are also differences by edition, DLCs, or retailers. We mainly create our trainers using standard retail-versions. The trainer on some circumstances may work with Steam versions, but we cannot guarantee the trainer would works properly. As it comes with its individual patches making differences on the game memory. Sometimes a patch can make it compatible and the next one not. If a game is distributed only through Steam or the retail-version needs Steam, we create the trainer for the steam-version.

Other online distribution platforms like Steam, such as GOG and co. are not supported explicitly by us and if works in these versions, it's a coincidence. Furthermore, we only create trainers for original versions of the games, i.e. so-called scene releases and other illegal versions are not supported by us, nor do we provide any support in our forum.

In some games (such as Heroes of Might and Magic 5) there are differences in the versions of the game despite having the same version number that may cause the trainer not to work, for example, the Collector / Deluxe / etc. The Trainer is normally build for the standard edition. If such incompatibilites are known, we'll inform you beforehand. The same also applies to DLCs, as can be seen e.g. in Shogun 2 Total War the "Blood & Gore" DLC, which is not available in Germany. Otherwise, in some cases the trainer may work. We also build trainers for DLCs and special editions, which are noticed on the trainer.

4th Problems with keyboards
Some keyboards have alternative assignments of the F keys. If the keyboard is currently running in the alternative assignment, i.e. open instead of the normal functions of F1-F12 such as office programs, etc., the trainer will not respond to keyboard shortcuts with F-keys. As a solution, just switch the F keys to the regular mode.

The MegaTrainer distinguishs between left and right Ctrl and Shift keys on the keyboard. The [L] resp. [R] in front of such key shows you if you've to use the left or right one. For the Alt-key you always have to use the left one.

In the FIFA Manager series, there are several cheats that require not only two, but more keys simultaneously. Some inexpensive or no-name keyboards and many notebook keyboards have problems when three or more keys are simultaneously pressed (especially if you have a laptop, for example, still use addition the FN key). Then, to use all the cheats, it helps to connect just another keyboard that is able to process as many keys at the same time. We primarily recommend using gaming keyboards (e.g. Logitech), which are designed for such applications.

5th Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
With Windows XP SP2, the so-called Data Execution Prevention ( = DEP) was introduced. While with XP Service Pack 2, in our tests posed no problems. On Windows Vista and Windows 7, it prevents the trainer from inserting correct codes into the memory.

Most problems occur with the DEP on 64bit systems, because it also attempts to correct configuration in > 90% of cases not bring success. Typically for the DEP problem is when Cheats like "freeze ammunition" work, but "God Mode" causes the game to crash.

In addition on some systems the DEP is blocking the installation of our MegaTrainer. If you've problems installing the MegaTrainer, please also disable the DEP and try again.

We recommend based on our experience, to turn off DEP completely, which with a good anti-virus-system have no real security risks. To disable the DEP you must start the command line (prompt) with administrator rights. Just click below on the Windows icon in the taskbar and type in the search cmd without pressing Enter. After a short moment appears the cmd.exe, which you can then run as administrator by right-clicking. Then you are in the command prompt and type in bcdedit.exe on /set {current} nx AlwaysOff and press Enter. After a short while appears the message that the changes become active after the next reboot. So now restart the computer and the DEP should be disabled.

As alternative to the manual use of the command, we added 2 bat-files to the MT-X setup and added links to them in the startmenu. If you run "DEP - Disable" with right mouse-click as administrator, it will also disable the DEP for you. With "DEP - Status" you can check the DEP-status on your system. If it shows you a number different to zero, DEP is still active and you may need to reboot your system first.

On modern systems with UEFI-Bios it's important in combination with Windows 8/8.1/10 to disable the option "Secure Boot" in the UEFI-Bios, because otherwise it's not possible to disable DEP!

6th Antivirus-programs
Some antivirus programs block the trainer, so that it can’t change the memory of the game. Normally it is sufficient to add the trainer as an exception, define trust in the antivirus software so that it can operate normally. We know that Avast and Avira-Antivir can cause problems. As a test, whether it is the antivirus program causing the trainer not to work, we recommend to disconnect the internet connection for a short time and uninstall the antivirus program temporarily. If the trainer works then you can decide if you want to contact the support of the manufacturer and / or our forum for searching a solution or possibly decide for another antivirus program (we recommend Kaspersky).

7th Operating-Systems
Normally our MegaTrainers should work on all Windows Operating-Systems. In case of the MegaTrainer XL we tested most games on Win98 to WinXP while the MegaTrainer eXperiences was tested depending on the game with WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and/or Win8.1.

8th Windows-Default-Fontsize
If the MTXL or MT-X looks strange for you and the elements like cheatlist and so on are e.g. moved to lower right, please restore the fontsize in Windows to default. These two trainers will only look normal with default fontsize, but the trainer-functions are not affect by this.

9th Blocked Hotkeys
In some games the game is blocking the key-detection of the trainers. Normally we've marked all these games with a hint in the "special hints" section on the cheatoverview of each games. For these games the trainer don't get any information about pressed hotkeys while you're in game, but if you use Alt+Tab and press the hotkeys/cheats within the trainer-window, it will work!

10th Premium-Cheats in MT-X
Due to the fact the MegaTrainer eXperience (MT-X) don't use any online-connection, it will not show any premium-cheats in the trainer itself, even if you own the necessary membership. To see the necessary hotkeys, you've to open the cheatlist for the game on the website and then you'll see the keys for the premium-cheats. It’s also possible to download or print them as PDF there.
Somehow the AI seems to be able to benefit from the cheats. Could it be?
Depending on the game, there are different versions of the application manager.

Some cheats can be safely used at any time and only act on the human player. Unless the cheats not just + x to make something, but bring lasting effects, have the trainer for the most games a note when the trainer was specifically tested to determine whether it is effective only for humans or possibly even for the AI. That just shows fast, if that can be or not.

The trainers for other games, just turn-based, are usually designed so that they can in fact work for the AI. Time that is intended to cheat the AI can (such as playing FIFA Manager) and sometimes it's just so that the cheats can be used during one's lap without any problems and should be disable before ending turn. Also, such games have on the game trainer and / or the cheat descriptions usually a information.
Many / all of the cheats sets the value to 0 in the game, why?
Most likely it is a so-called value-cheat. Such codes are recognized additionally linked to a value-list.

In the application you have to decide first for a value from the list of values and then press the key for this value. Then you can activate the cheat with the normal keyboard cheat and use it according to the cheat description. In this way, the trainer knows what value (rather than 0) to be set.
In FIFA Manager all players or clubs were changed. What am I doing wrong?
Especially in FIFA Manager is it important to follow the cheat description carefully! Most of the cheats can be activated only in certain menus and must be directly disabled after use.

If you don’t disable the cheat codes or disable them too late, accidentally all players of the team (rather the desired/s) or all players of all clubs will be cheated. Also could the values of the other clubs being accidentally changed by various codes. Therefore, you should always make sure that you read the descriptions carefully and disable cheat codes after using.
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