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MegaDev News

Sacred 3, Risen 3, Child of Light and much more

For this weekend we've created a very large Friday-trainer-release which offers new games, versions and cheats for all users in the 2 different MegaTrainer versions.

For goldmembers we added additional 4 new games besides a lot of patches. Probably for most of you Sacred 3 is the highlight in this case, but we also added the requested games Child of Light and Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD now.
In addition we were able to add a Risen 3 - Titan Lords Retail-Trainer now after we already published the Steam-Trainer a few days ago. For our Watch Dogs MegaTrainer we added with the new version by the way a further cheat for the drinking game now.

New games, versions and cheats for goldmembers

For bronze- and silver-members as well as users without a premium-membership we updated this week also already on Friday our public MegaTrainer which finally adds the following games.

New in Public-MegaTrainer

Published on 2014-08-22



MegaDev News

MegaDev News

Risen 3 MegaTrainer with 25 Cheats

Last Friday Deep Silver has published with Risen 3 a new nice RPG of the Risen series. Due the very numerous trainer-requests for it and due to the fact that this game is a must-have for us, we created the last few days cheats for everything possible for you and published today for all goldmembers an extensive Risen 3 - Titan Lords Trainer with altogether 25 cheats.

In addition we added 2 new patches and with Z Steel Soldiers a further new game to our MegaTrainer :) .

New games and versions for goldmembers

Published on 2014-08-19

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

MegaTrainer with 3x Wargame, Space Marine and a lot updates

Both yesterday (without news) and today we updated our Gold-MegaTrainer for you. While yesterday many trainerupdates were included, we added today some further updates as well as 7 resp. 8 new games to it. Fans of realtime-strategy-games could especially be happy about the now finally added 3 Wargame parts in our MegaTrainer.

We wish a lot of fun with it and a nice weekend :) .

New games and updates for goldmembers

Published on 2014-08-15

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

Trainer-Updates for goldmembers

Today we published for all goldmembers some trainer-updates for latest patches and a further steam-adaption for an older game.

New in the Gold-MegaTrainer

Published on 2014-08-12

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