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MegaDev News

New cheats and trainers for goldmembers (Watch Dogs, Rome, GRID, ...)

Today we published a large package of trainerupdates for all goldmembers. With these we not only updated all the existing trainers to support the new game-versions but also added new user-requested cheats for some of them.

New in Gold-MegaTrainer

Published on 2014-07-31

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

MegaTrainer for motorcycle-fans

Motorcycle fans watch, today we putted 3 new motorcycle games for you to our Gold-MegaTrainer!

So the trainer-release for goldmembers today sets it's focus for your on racing-games resp. to be more precise on motorcycle-racing-games, a part which wasn't highly represented in our trainers in past. In addition we also added the first two patches of the week ;) .

New trainers for goldmembers

Published on 2014-07-29

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

New MegaTrainers for Magic 2015, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2, CoH2, ...

In the last months many of you requested again and again trainers for the Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 games. Now finally we added all 3 title of this series to our MegaTrainer. In addition we also added the shortly released Magic 2015 today.

Due to the fact that Relic has published this night another patch for Company of Heroes 2 after the yesterday evening patch, which was directly added to our trainer, some of you already suspected that they cannot play CoH2 at this weekend. But we updated the trainer a further one and added it today as to the Goldtrainer as well. So if you own a goldmembership (or upgrade to one), you can directly continue playing now ;) .

For sure like every weekend we also updated our normal MegaTrainer-Download for you again. So beginning with a free membership up to a silver-membership, you now can get new trainers as well :) .

Since today in Gold-MegaTrainer

Since today in normal MegaTrainer

Published on 2014-07-26

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

Strategy-gametrainers for Total War and other games updated

This week a lot of strategy-games has been patched, among others also the older games like Rome - Total War and Medieval 2 - Total War. For goldmembers we published this evening a new version of our Gold-MegaTrainer to add support also for these new versions in our trainer for you.

Btw: The Patch 1.05 for Sniper Elite 3 has been rolled back on Steam, so now the 1.04 trainer is working again.

New in Goldtrainer

Published on 2014-07-25

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

New trainer for Company of Heroes 2, Bound by Flame and more

With the today published update of our MegaTrainers we added again updated trainers for all users with a goldmembership to add support for some of the latest game-patches.

New trainer for goldmembers

Published on 2014-07-24

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

Updated Gold-Megatrainer with updates for SimCity, Horizon and more

In our Tuesday-MegaTrainer-Release we added this week besides 3 trainerupdates also 2 beta-entries for our goldmembers.
Both are adaptations of existing trainer to new platforms which were possible by help of voluntary users in the last few days. These trainers aren't tested at this time and so we're happy about any feedback for the beta-trainers. If both test-games/entries are successful, we probably use this adaption-progress more often in the future to support user-requested platforms/version with help of these users.

New trainer-entries for goldmembers

Published on 2014-07-22

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