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MegaDev News

Updated Gold-Megatrainer with updates for SimCity, Horizon and more

In our Tuesday-MegaTrainer-Release we added this week besides 3 trainerupdates also 2 beta-entries for our goldmembers.
Both are adaptations of existing trainer to new platforms which were possible by help of voluntary users in the last few days. These trainers aren't tested at this time and so we're happy about any feedback for the beta-trainers. If both test-games/entries are successful, we probably use this adaption-progress more often in the future to support user-requested platforms/version with help of these users.

New trainer-entries for goldmembers

Published on 2014-07-22

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

MegaTrainer-updates for Divinity Original Sin, Europa Universalis 4 and further games

Larian Studios, the developer of Divinity Original Sin seems to be currently very active again with new patches and update the game every 2-10 hours. Maybe they try to compensate the low patch-frequency during the EAS-process now.
For this reason our today published Goldtrainer includes directly 3 new trainer-versions for Divinity Original Sin. We recommend you play fast now before the next patch will be released and we've to update the trainer again for further gameplay ;) .

But also 6 other games of our MegaTrainer were patched in the last two days and thus we released updated trainers for these for our goldmembers as well.

New in Gold-MegaTrainer

Published on 2014-07-17

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

Updated MegaTrainers for Company of Heroes 2, Space Run and more

Today we added five further/new patches to our MegaTrainer. The new game-versions for the below listed games are available in a new version of our Gold-MegaTrainers and thus as common exclusively available for goldmembers at this time.

New in Gold-MegaTrainers

Published on 2014-07-15

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

Divinity Original Sin MegaTrainer and weekend-trainer-update

Even if the many patches for the shortly released game Divinity Original Sin haven't supported the trainer-development, we finally were able to complete our Divinity Original Sin MegaTrainer. Unfortunately there're many checks and re-calculations in the game now which forced us to remove the planed cheats for attribute-points, skill-points and talent-points. But the available 7 cheats in the trainer for Divinity Original Sin should also be a very good help :) .

Like every weekend we updated for sure the normal/public version of our MegaTrainers for bronze- and silver-members as well as users without a membership too.

New in MegaTrainer for goldmembers

New in Public-MegaTrainer

Published on 2014-07-13

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

Today space is our topic (FTL and Space Run)

As the headline already announces, the topic of our MegaTrainer-release today is the space, because we added with FTL - Faster Than Light and Space Run 2 space-games today to our MegaTrainer, which were frequently requested by our fans :) .

For sure we added also support for all the new patches to this trainerupdate too, which is now available for our goldmembers.

In todays Goldtrainer-update

Published on 2014-07-11

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