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MegaDev News

7 new games in the MegaTrainer with Citadels, Murdered, NBA 2k14 The Last Remnant and more

As we announced yesterday, we published today 7 new game-trainers for you. All of these games are a bit older ones which were requested by several users in the last weeks and months. For next week we plan to add the requested Men of War games among other games to the trainer ;) .

New game-trainers for goldmembers

Published on 2014-09-12

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

MegaTrainers for Dead Rising 3 and Train Fever

Today we published for all our goldmembers two exclusive 64bit trainers for two brand-new games.

So we wish a lot of fun with our Dead Rising 3 MegaTrainer with 13 cheats and Train Fever Trainer with 5 cheats :) .
Published on 2014-09-09

MegaDev News

MegaDev News

FM14-Additions and new Public-MegaTrainer

Even if we're very late this year with our FM14 Additions, we finally created and published them for the last FIFA Manager game for you today.

Further we updated our Public-MegaTrainer within our weekly MegaTrainer-update today as well. So the following trainers are now available for all.

Published on 2014-09-06

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