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Patrician IV

Release year: 2010
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Based on the franchise that won the hearts of gamers worldwide, Patrician IV will challenge players to rise up the merchant ranks to become the leader of a burgeoning shipping empire during the late Middle Age in Northern Europe - a time where success in trade could be as rewarding and influential as the power bestowed by noble birth, religious position or political clout.

Patrician IV's authentic supply and demand-based trading system allows players to grow their business and head out to the high seas to form trading routes with other Hanseatic cities negotiating better prices for the buying and selling of goods. Sea battles keep the pace action-packed, as players combat pirates and enemy players.

Key Features:

  • Become a powerful merchant and rise through the ranks using your increasing fame and wealth to shape towns from small villages to glorious capitals
  • Balance competing interests, trade routes, political turmoil, disease, weather, piracy and greedy royalty
  • Construct buildings and hire workers, stimulating demand for common and exotic goods
  • Battle the high seas and protect your ship from pirate raiders in realistic and exciting sea battles
  • A visually stunning and powerful new graphics engine lets you visit bustling and realistically recreated medieval cities such as London, Novgorod, Cologne and Bergen
  • Brand new user friendly interface that makes Patrician IV easy to play but challenging to master

Spielversionen im Free Trainer

  • 1.3.0 (Steam)
  • 1.3.0

New game-version?

There are no new versions reported at the moment

Special hints for the Patrician IV cheats

  • This Patrician IV MegaTrainer has been created for you by: CCJ39
  • Due to the fact the resource-cheats may also work for the AI, you should disable them after use directly!
  • User of the Patrician IV Goldedition can use the trainer when selecting the same version-entry for Rise of a Dynasty.

Cheatkeys Cheatname + Details
Alt + G
Gold for trading (50.000.000)
1.3.0, 1.3.0 (Steam)
Alt + R
Unlimited resources for sale
1.3.0, 1.3.0 (Steam)
Alt + X
Disable (all)
1.3.0, 1.3.0 (Steam)

Common MegaTrainer hints

  • This Patrician IV trainer was created with and for the SinglePlayer of the German/European original version.
  • Which Patrician IV cheats are available for which gameversion, is shown in the details of each cheat. Sometimes are not all cheats available for all game-versions!
  • So called Premium-Cheats (marked with a hint that you need a special membership instead of the key combination) are only available if you own the necessary membership for these cheats.
  • If the cheats of our Patrician IV trainer won't work for you in SinglePlayer, please visit our FAQs or use our support-forum.
  • The supported Patrician IV versions are assigned to the matching downloads. For some a premium-membership is necessary.

Gold for trading (50.000.000), Gold for trading (50.000.000)
If you activate this cheat, you're money will be set to the listed amount as soon as you buy or sell something on the marketplace.

When you buy something the cheated value will be decreased by the price immediately.

When you sell something it will be increased of course.

Gold for trading (50.000.000), Unlimited resources for sale, Unlimited resources for sale
As long as this cheat is active, you can sell unlimited amount of resources from your ship on marketplace, because the amount won't be decreased anymore. If you store many different resources with low amount in your convoy, you can sell them several times in the cities until they're happy to increase your prestige.

Gold for trading (50.000.000), Unlimited resources for sale, Disable (all), Disable (all)
Disable all cheats.

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